Two? One? Zero?


After what might appear to have been a longer intermission that normal, we’re back for Christmas. The truth of the matter is that most of what we’ve been doing has been behind the scenes type of stuff, not that fun to read or write about…

Well now we have two new projects, or zero depending on how you view it. More than a year ago we got an orange AS2C from England, last Christmas we disassembled it but then a lot of other motorcycles came in between. So now after almost a year of nothing we’re starting up the second orange AS2C project! As of now not much has happened, we’ve merely put the frame on the bench, but it’s a start! Where last year we disassembled it over Christmas, we’ll put it back together this year.

And the second new project is also a bit of an old project. We’ve decided to do a complete restoration on our AS1 ‘Drive’ project. After the great result we got with the AS2J ‘Drive’ project we felt that the AS1 wasn’t quite up to scratch so we decided to do a complete restoration instead. At the moment we’re disassembling it and sending it to Bassels to get painted, when it returns it’ll be blue. Hence the project name: AS1 Blue2. A fun fact is that the very first restoration project we did on the site was a blue AS1, now we’ve come full circle and are restoring a new blue AS1.

Other than that we received a whole bunch of pictures from our friend Robson in Brazil from a big classic bike meet in Rio de Janeiro. A lot of nice bikes and even more sunshine, something missing in the cold dark north.



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