Now we’re starting to show some improvement! In the days since Christmas the motorcycle has evolved from a lone frame on a cold metal bench to something more. The center stand is in place after a lot of effort. We have a method of attaching the spring to the center stand that works great, it involves tipping the stand back further than it’s regular max and attaching the spring. Unfortunately this is impossible in the scrambler models since they have a stop on their center stand. That meant a whole lot of effort and force to get it in place.

We’ve also converted a new regular AS1 front fork to a scrambler fork using NOS parts without to many cuts on jagged metal. For testing purposes we placed one of our replica seats on the bike, just to assure proper fit. Since the rear shocks use bare springs they aren’t as sensitive to scratches as the regular shocks with painted covers. Because of this we’ve already gotten the final shocks in place, we usually substitute them with a spare pair in order to save the paint.

Most of the parts we need to complete the motorcycle are ready and waiting to go on, hopefully everything will be smooth sailing.


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