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Surprisingly good

Hi everyone!

Today we’ve got a new update on the second red AS2C, it’s as good as complete now, just a few missing pieces.

The AS2J we got for the AS2J ‘Drive’ project recently is turning out better and better. With a bit of cleaning and polish the finish on the side covers is almost as good as new. Granted there”s a few scratches here and there but overall it looks great! We’ll probably use it as a up and running show bike and drive it to various shows, the regular restorations run better because of their complete overhauls but driving them damages them so it’s good to have a bike that won’t take a noticeable hit when driven.


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Almost done

Well, from one week to the next a lot can happen, last week was a bit hectic so we didn’t have time to work on the AS2C, this week is a different story.

Everything from the seat to the headlight is in place, the only thing we’re waiting on is the generator side cover, all the other parts are ready. The mufflers on the AS2C, and the other scramblers as well, are quite different from the ones on the usual models. They have built in spark arresters so you won’t cause forest fires when riding off road, not that the scramblers were that much better than the regular models when riding them in the forest…

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Today we have two new project updates for you! One of them is on the AS3 ‘Europa’, it’s in pieces now and ready to get sandblasted. The other one is a brand new project aptly named AS2J ‘Drive’. We got a new AS2J from Germany a few days ago, it has only been drived 7000km and is in great condition so we decided that we would get it up and running! It had been listed as Yamaha Baujahr 71 on the German ebay so it was hard to find.


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New and promising

We just received the bike from Germany and it’s looking good! It has got 7000km on the meter and you can tell that it’s the real mileage. So far we’ve only just taken a quick look at it and checked the major parts but everything seems to be in good order. A bit worried about the right cylinder, it’s not giving proper compression, might be a problem…

The best thing about this bike is the fuel tank, it looks almost brand new! The colours aren’t faded and the surface is still good, there’s no rust to be found anywhere!

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In pieces

The bike is in pieces! It was harder work than what we originally thought but at last we managed to loosen all the stuck screws.

Now it’s off to get the bike sandblasted and get a new paint job!

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