Tonight we have a whole slew of updates. The final update on the AS1 ‘Drive’ project is in place, the skies cleared up long enough to give me time to take the pictures.

When we started with the walkthroughs a few updates back we used the AS2C we were restoring as the base for them, what we realized is that since the scrambler is different in quite a few places compared to regular model all the walkthroughs were filled with remarks about the differences and became a bit confusing. So we decided that we will use another bike as the base for the walkthroughs and just restore the AS2C as we normally would, that means it’ll go a lot quicker. You can see the update here.

We’ve also got a new project, the AS3 Europa, we got the bike from Germany which meant it was the AS3 Europa version that was sold in Western Germany. We’ve received a lot of AS3s from Germany, they have all been the Europa version, but we’ve always converted them to the regular version. For once we decided to keep is in the original Europa version.



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