It’s about time we post some news about the upcoming Yamaparts Museum! We’ve gotten the demolition part of the museum done, the old ceiling from early 20th century is torn down to exposte the wooden beams that support the upper part of the building. Because the top had been used as hay storage for more than 100 years, a lot of dust and straws had slipped through the cracks of the floor on to the ceiling, when we tore it down we got a face full of dust! All the boards of the ceiling were covered in between 5 to 15 cm of dust! To top that of: because this was hay dust it itched madly when you got it on you. After the boards were down all that was left was to remove all the hundreds of nails that were stuck in the beams. A lot of the heads on the nails had rusted away as they were exposed to a lot of moisture when animals were kept in the building making them a pain to remove.

The floor had been sledgehammered down in order to allow for a new floor to be laid. The walls have been patched and painted with several layers of white paint.

All in all the rooms is ready to become a museum, we’ve still got a bit to go, the new ceiling has to be built, the floors fixed, all the electricity wired and all the bikes moved there but we’re on our way!



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