Hi everyone!

Today we have big news, not only have we started a brand new restoration project we have our Honda CB750 up and running!

The Honda arrived almost a year ago however we haven’t had it started until now! As the key turned in the ignition the bike started right away. It runs beautifully and looks stunning. It’s restored by our friends over at Beezeees to better than original condition. The model is a K2 from 1974. We’ll have a brand new gallery of it before too long, Until then we have a video of it up and running over at Yamaha Center.

The project is an AS2J, as of yet we haven”t decided how we want it so for now it”ll be known simply as ”6”. You can see the latest update here.

Below are one picture from when we had the bike up and running yesterday and from last year when it arrived.


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