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During this weeked Yamaha Center had their annual Yamaha days and we were there! A lot of people came and talked with us and took a look at some of the bikes. It”s always great to meet other restorers and motorcycle enthusiasts.

We’ve also got quite a lot done with our own bikes, we’ve got a new update on the second red AS3 and a big one on the blue AS1C!

A few weeks ago we got two new AS2Js, one of them was in worse condition than the other so we decided to harvest it for parts, you can see the entire process of disassembling it in the restoration section.

We snapped some pictures at Yamaha Center while we were there, who knows, maybe you’ll see yourself in one of them? As a bonus we got two brand new tires for the AS2J we”re restoring, straight from cold storage at Yamaha in Japan!

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