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The day is here


During this weeked Yamaha Center had their annual Yamaha days and we were there! A lot of people came and talked with us and took a look at some of the bikes. It”s always great to meet other restorers and motorcycle enthusiasts.

We’ve also got quite a lot done with our own bikes, we’ve got a new update on the second red AS3 and a big one on the blue AS1C!

A few weeks ago we got two new AS2Js, one of them was in worse condition than the other so we decided to harvest it for parts, you can see the entire process of disassembling it in the restoration section.

We snapped some pictures at Yamaha Center while we were there, who knows, maybe you’ll see yourself in one of them? As a bonus we got two brand new tires for the AS2J we”re restoring, straight from cold storage at Yamaha in Japan!

Until next time!


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Just for parts

The somewhat black AS2J we got a while back is in very bad shape and it lacks proper paperwork. We”re going to harvest it for parts instead!

The seat has been damaged sometime in the past, but repaired very creatively with a lot of duct tape and a plastic bag from ICA

The wiring was too damaged to save, so instead we saved some time and just cut the wires, makes removing the electrical system a lot easier.

It’s a funny thing, lately all the motorcycles we disassemble have damages to the engine block, most commonly damage just above the drive sprocket from where the chain has hit it! A funny thing is that not only are the cylinder heads from an AS3, the piston on the right is turned the wrong way! A restoration top tip, the arrow on the piston should face the exhaust, there are different size cut-outs at the bottom of the piston and if turned the wrong way it will hurt performance.

When removing the engine, you should have someone around to help, we were two when removing it but even then we hit a snag and almost broke a few fingers when the engine got stuck and dropped from the frame.


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A lot of things have happened in the days since the last update. The generator is on and hooked up to the wiring, we’ve also completed both cylinders. The pistons we used are the 99 version, they give excellent compression, a big thanks to our friend Miguel in Brazil for helping us get our hands on them! The spark plugs are also the right kind, B9HS.

On top of that we got both the front and back wheels attached. You can see the entire process of attaching the rear wheel in the pictures below! For the moment we’ve taken it down from the bench, we’re going to disassemble one of the AS2Js we got a few weeks ago and need the space :)

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Got it covered

The AS3 is completely taken apart now, so far we’ve got a new front brake adjusting screw in place and a brand new front axle. We’ve got a brand new battery and air box as well. We also got brand new covers for the engine!

On top of that we’ve exchanged the mph speedometer to a km/h version and got a brand new front wheel. Not bad for a weeks work…

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Yamaha days


This weekend Yamaha Center Helsingborg are having their annual Yamaha Day with a lot of special offers and, of course, us!

We’ll be there with a whole bunch of our motorcycles (almost all of them!) from the AS1 to our Kawasaki Mach III. It’s always a nice day with a lot of motorcycles! We’ve got some pictures of when we were there last year below, if you’ve got the chance make sure you stop by!


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