Today, or rather yesterday if you noticed, we have a quadruple update barrage – 4 updates in 1!

The first orange AS2J is off the bench, the only thing missing is the headlight, the update can be found here. As the first orange AS2J rolled of the bench the second orange AS2J went up. The project has been slumbering since summer but now it’s time to get rolling, it would have been too confusing to restore two orange AS2Js at once…

We’ve also got a brand new project and a quite rare one at that. We have managed to get our hands on an AS1C. On top of that it is a 1968 model, one of the earliest made. Over the coming weeks it’ll grow on the bench, you can see the project here (it will be blue by the way).

One of our friends, Peter, in Germany has sent us pictures of his Yamaha collection. The pictures brings summer to mind, an extra bonus when everything is cold and grey.

Unfortunately both I and Ole will be out of town next week so the update will probably be a bit shorter than usual but when we return you’ll have the gallery of the first orange AS2J to look forward to!



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