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New things

Hello everyone!

Today we’ve got a lot of goodies for you. We have two new project updates, one on the blue AS1C and one on the second orange AS2J, be sure to check them out.

We’ve got a brand new gallery of the first orange AS2J, you can find it here. Since the AS2J is done now, the project is in the completed projects directory. We’re fast running out of space, that’s why the AS2J is photographed sideways, we sorely need to get the museum up and running. In the meantime we’re gonna take part in the motorcycle days at Yamaha Center in Helsingborg again this year, we’ll be there with a lot of the 125’s and a few heavier bikes aswell! Make sure you stop by if you’re nearby, they will have a lot of special offers and you’ll get a chance to see our bikes up close and personal.

We’d also like to congratulate our master painter Bassel, his son was born during the week!

As a last bonus we lined up the three latest completed bikes, all of them will be at Yamaha Center.


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To the fork and beyond

Just like the AS1C we haven’t got the wheels for this one yet, in the meantime we’ve fixed the front fork and the meters among other things.

We’ve got all the parts we need for the coming weeks ready…

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Everything but the wheel

We’ve kept working in the AS1C getting more things done, unfortunately we haven’t been able to get the wheels finished, the guys at Yamaha Center are on holiday.

The electrical system on the other hand is mostly in place and we’ve got the engine and wheels on their way, hopefully in time to the next update!

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Just a quick announcement, we’ve changed our contact us section. Now we’ve got a regular email contact instead of the old flash contact form.

This”ll hopefully make it easier for us to keep track of the questions we get!


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Just as promised we still have an update this weekend, we’ve got a small one on the second orange AS2J project and a bigger one on how to convert an AS1 front fork to an AS1C front fork in the blue AS1C project. Our friend Peter also sent us more pictures of his motorcycles, you can see them in the friends section.

We’ll be back next week with a bigger update, hopefully a gallery!


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