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The long awaited seats


Today we have some very exciting and long awaited news but before we get to that let’s go over the regular things.

We have a brand new build update on the second orange AS2C, it’ll be our main project for the rest of the holidays so hopefully we’ll make good progress.

Now to the really important news: Over the past few months I”ve mentioned that we were in the process of developing replica seats for the AS1 and AS2 models. Well, now we”ve finally received the finished product! They consist of a fiberglass baseplate that has been molded of the original metal, it is identical to the original except for the material. Not that unexpectedly they use a foam cushion, again molded after the original. And finally they use a fake leather exterion that’s been chosen to as closely as possible look like Yamahas original. They are true to the original seats in every possible way.

Now why did we develop these seats? In the beginning our plan was to get enough seats for our own restorations seeing as they are next to impossible to get a hold of. Over the time it has taken us to develop them we’ve been contacted by quite a few of you who also need seats for your restorations so we’ve decided to offer them up for sale. Initially we’ll send an order for a bunch of seats early next year (second week of january), both for ourselves and also for those of you who need seats.

Those of you who’ve already contacted us, I’ll send out information about the seats to you. If you’ve contacted us about the seats but don’t receive and email from me in the next day or two, send us another email yourselves, I’ve got quite the list of people to go through :)

For those of you who want seats, send me an email at:

Now, the moment you have been waiting for: pictures of the seats!


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Now we’re starting to show some improvement! In the days since Christmas the motorcycle has evolved from a lone frame on a cold metal bench to something more. The center stand is in place after a lot of effort. We have a method of attaching the spring to the center stand that works great, it involves tipping the stand back further than it’s regular max and attaching the spring. Unfortunately this is impossible in the scrambler models since they have a stop on their center stand. That meant a whole lot of effort and force to get it in place.

We’ve also converted a new regular AS1 front fork to a scrambler fork using NOS parts without to many cuts on jagged metal. For testing purposes we placed one of our replica seats on the bike, just to assure proper fit. Since the rear shocks use bare springs they aren’t as sensitive to scratches as the regular shocks with painted covers. Because of this we’ve already gotten the final shocks in place, we usually substitute them with a spare pair in order to save the paint.

Most of the parts we need to complete the motorcycle are ready and waiting to go on, hopefully everything will be smooth sailing.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Yamaparts!

/Joacim and Ole

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Two? One? Zero?


After what might appear to have been a longer intermission that normal, we’re back for Christmas. The truth of the matter is that most of what we’ve been doing has been behind the scenes type of stuff, not that fun to read or write about…

Well now we have two new projects, or zero depending on how you view it. More than a year ago we got an orange AS2C from England, last Christmas we disassembled it but then a lot of other motorcycles came in between. So now after almost a year of nothing we’re starting up the second orange AS2C project! As of now not much has happened, we’ve merely put the frame on the bench, but it’s a start! Where last year we disassembled it over Christmas, we’ll put it back together this year.

And the second new project is also a bit of an old project. We’ve decided to do a complete restoration on our AS1 ‘Drive’ project. After the great result we got with the AS2J ‘Drive’ project we felt that the AS1 wasn’t quite up to scratch so we decided to do a complete restoration instead. At the moment we’re disassembling it and sending it to Bassels to get painted, when it returns it’ll be blue. Hence the project name: AS1 Blue2. A fun fact is that the very first restoration project we did on the site was a blue AS1, now we’ve come full circle and are restoring a new blue AS1.

Other than that we received a whole bunch of pictures from our friend Robson in Brazil from a big classic bike meet in Rio de Janeiro. A lot of nice bikes and even more sunshine, something missing in the cold dark north.


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Turning blue

The very first project we documented on this website was our restoration of a candy blue 1969 AS1. Now it’s time again!

This AS1 was previously our AS1 ‘Drive’, however after our AS2J ‘Drive’ project we decided to restore it completely. At the moment we’re disassembling it to send to the painters, when it gets back it will have turned blue!

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