Worth the wait

And thus, it is completed. They just keep getting better, pretty much the sum of all experience. Little things like how to attach the stand to avoid it hitting the exhaust to where to place the little clip to hold the throttle on the AS3 makes everything go smoother. When we got the tank and seat attached we got a bit overexcited and rolled in off the bench, the only problem is we forgot to fix the fuel lines. It”s a lot harder to do when you have to kneel beside the bike in order to see instead of doing it while it”s on the bench…

But we got it all in place. This is the first motorcycle we’ve done where every single one of the painted parts are NOS. The “Made in Japan” sticker on the engine cover was on the motorcycles prior to 1970, although it’s kind of hard to see that it says “Made in Japan” in the pictures. Don’t worry, you”ll get a better view of it as soon as the gallery is done 🙂


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