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Break it up

It’s finally decided what will happen to the blue AS2J, it’ll become orange along with the other AS2J.

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On the floor

The AS2C is on the floor, it”s just waiting on the front fender which is set to arrive in the middle of this week, expect a brand new gallery of it soon :)

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Hello everyone!

It has been some time since the last update, we’ve been quite busy with construction work, you’ll soon get to see the result!

We’ve also got a lot of updates, there’s a new build update for the orange AS2C: it’s as good as done and going of the bench for the next project, expect a new gallery of it soon. We’re helping our friend Miguel in Brazil restore a pair of carburetors, you can see that here.

Our next project will be disassembling the twin AS2Js from Rainer in Germany. Their oil and petrol have already been drained, that way you don’t have to smell them while they’re inside.

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Our friend Miguel in Brazil was having some problems with his carburetors and asked if we could help him with them. Said and done, a few weeks later they arrived in the mail. The problem is that sometimes different petrol mixes can corrode the metal, something that has happened here, but we will do our best to fix them!

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Good as done

The bike is almost done now, all it needs are the front fender and rear exhaust shields and they are on their way from Smethurst. Anyway, it’s going of the bench so work can start on a new one.

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