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More bikes, more projects

Hello everyone!

Tonight we have two more build updates, the blue AS2C is completed! On top of that we have a new project, a soon to be a second red AS1. The AS1 is special for a few reasons, not only does it still have all it’s original paperwork, someone has actually changed its engine to a RD125 one from 1973.

At the moment we have a record number of different projects going at the same time, as it is now we”ve got 6 different bikes we”re working on more or less simultaneously!

You can expect a brand new gallery of the AS2C but because of a heavy workload at the moment it may take a couple of weeks to get it all done. Until then here”s a sneak preview of the AS2C (see more in the project)

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A new bike arrived just a few days ago, a green AS1 from 1970, not something you see every day. Unfortunately it isn”t the original colour, now the funny thing is how I know this. Along with the bike was the original registration! In order to get your licence plates you had to give away the registration, how they”ve managed to save this one I have no idea.

The next thing you notice is the engine, sometime in this bikes lifetime they”ve replaced the original engine with one from a 1973 RD125 to get more power. Though as luck would have it we have some spare engine blocks!

The bike will go on the bench during the week, hopefully it”ll be a quick job disassembling in so we can get a new bike up there :)

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It’s completed! The exhausts and the seat arrived during the week along with the side covers.

Expect a brand new gallery of it soon.

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Hello Everyone!

We have a few special things tonight. First and foremost: Yamaparts is now one year old! In this last year we’ve seen the number of visitors skyrocket, we’ve gone from very few visitors in the start to about 70 unique visitors each day and dozens of emails each week, and it keeps climbing steadily! The feedback is truly a great motivator to keep the site rolling and you can count on us being here a while :) Still, if you have any questions about restoration, or motorcycles in general, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

We’ve got a new update on the blue AS2C project, it’s almost done now.

Until next time!


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The AS2C is basically complete, the only thing it’s lacking is the exhausts, side covers and the saddle and those should arrive soon.

It’s always a nice feeling when the tank goes on, everything just seems to come together once you got the tank. Even if you lack some parts the bike just feels complete. In any case it”s ready to go off the bench so we can get a new project up there!

As an extra bonus you get a picture of the wiring scheme for the AS1/2C

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