Scrap metal

Christ this thing is dirty! It”s a Scrambler that has actually been used for its intended purpose, to drive offroad, and it shows. The headlight has been smashed into the front fork, the central stand is bent, it”s filled with pieces of wood, a ton of dead spiders and a dead bird under the carburetors! On top of that the crown for the front fork was corroded in place and had to be hammered off, something that took 15 minutes of furious hammering and one of the screws for the engine side cover was rusted in place and had to be drilled off. On the plus side though: both exhaustpipes are flawless, no dents or corrosion, the front fender is also workable and the frame has still got all the stickers that came from the factory.

In the pictures you can see the entire progression from extremely dirty bike to extremely dirty pile of pieces. The entire process took about five hours.