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Hello everyone!

Today we have two new build updates for you, one for the red AS2C project and one for the blue AS3 project (the first one in months!).

Since the article in Allt om MC was published a lot of things have happened, the amount of visitors to the site has increased, the amount of emails from visitors on the site has increased. We’ve even gotten some fan mail; one reader of Allt om MC named Mikael sent a picture of him on his own AS2J back in the day :)

In addition to that other nice things have also arrived in the mail, like this big bag of brakes for the AS2J.

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Brand new

A load of parts that will go on the AS2C once the frame gets back. Each part is brand new, just removed from their original packaging. Even the wheels are brand new out of cold storage in Japan.

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Dead ends and new beginnings

Finally work can start on the blue AS3, although it’s not the same bike as originally thought. The bike that you can see in the previous update had to be scrapped, the frame was welded, the engine block severely damaged and well generally busted. Since there’s no use crying over spilled milk we’re proud to show you the new bike! All the way from Germany, it’s an AS3 Europa: the German version of the AS3. We will convert it to the standard model.

Over the next few weeks it will be disassembled, cleaned and put back together again in a neat package. The exterior is all worn down but the mechanical parts are in great condition.

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A new gallery and magazines


The red AS1 was completed this tuesday, although we chose to wait with the images and do it properly, the entire gallery can be seen in the collection.

And big news, a few months ago I wrote that a journalist from the magazine All tom MC was here to do a story on the collection, that article is published in this latest issue! It will hit the stores in Sweden and some of the neighboring countries this tuesday. The article is spread across five pages and is a good read so if you get the chance, pick up a number. For those of you in other countries, you can still enjoy their website:

Until next time


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The bike is completed! You can find the gallery here.

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