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I guess it was long overdue but work on the red AS1 has finally begun!

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In pieces

The AS2C is now fully disassembled and the frame has been sent of to bassel for a well needed paintjob. What’s remarkable is the state the engine internals are in, just looking at them you wouldn”t know that the bike had been driven at all, it’s quite a contrast between the parts that have been exposed to the world and the ones that have been protected by the casing.

And a restoration tip, this is valid for all two stroke motorcycles, the exhaust mufflers are always filled with oil! When you remove them place them in a container and let them drain, that way you save a lot of cleanup.

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Got a big surprise for you tonight! (Well not that much of a surprise, you knew this was coming) The AS2J pictures are ready! Head over to the museum and have a look.

We’ve also got some build updates for you but those will wait until tomorrow.

Update 20071024
As promised, you can now find two new build updates on the site, one for the red AS2C and another one for the red AS1. All the parts for the AS1 are ready so that”ll be the main project in the coming weeks.

And as an added bonus I give you lord of the tanks :)

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Some regular updates today, the HS1B has been put back together again and is now a bit shinier than before, leaving room on the bench for the next big project. You can find it along with the other completed projects in the completed projects page.

We’ve recieved new pictures from our friend Miguel in Brazil, so check them out in the friend section. He also sent us a link to a Brazillian restoration page, take a look.

Now perhaps you’re wondering why this update has recieved the odd name “headhunting”, well if you take a look at the news images below I think you’ll see why :) Those are all NOS cylinder heads for AS1 and AS2 models. You can also see one of the pictures Miguel sent in.

Until next time!


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Nice and sparkly

The HS1B is completed, one of the shorter projects undertaken

It has been cleaned, polished and got a few new parts, including new chain and engine covers.

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