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New links

That’s right we have some new links, check out Bassel in the link list to the left. He’s the man behind all the glorious paint jobs on the site. The paint jobs on the bikes look stunning in the pictures but it’s even more impressive in person. So if you need to have some parts repainted, contact him.

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Not much has happened this last week except the work on the blue AS2J, it”s nearing completion and is looking awesome! More images of the Kawasaki Mach IV are coming in next week (so far there are just the detail images) so you’ll get to see how it all looks.

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A lot of things have been done on the bike this last week as you can see from the pictures. The engine is pretty much completed now, it won’t be long before the whole bike is done. Anyway, enjoy the pictures, you can see the process of attaching the chain and the air filters in them.

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The holiday is over

The holiday ended this Monday and of course as could be expected, as soon everyone got back to work the sun came. Today it’s 26°C in the shade with high humidity and insane amounts of mosquitoes from the last month of rain. Lovely.

Anyhow, the bikes are progressing nicely, check out the update on the blue AS2J. The work with what is to become the museum is also going smoothly, currently about 24 cubic metres of wood are being removed from the building, so soon the real renovating can begin.

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Just picked up a brand new fuel tank for the AS2J, it had never been out of the box before this. It’s all starting to come together now.

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