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Engines and wheels

While I was on vacation the engine was put together by the guys from Yamaha Center, so during this weekend I attached both the engine and the rear wheel to the bike. So far the bike is turning out just stunning. The tires are original tires  that came with the bike from the factory, they’ve been in cold storage at Yamaha in Japan since the bikes were new and never been on a bike before.

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As promised, the pictures of the Kawasaki Mach IV is on the site now, enjoy the pictures!

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New stuff and new friends

A seat for Yamaha AS3 has just arrived from Christian in France, it”s in as new condition!

Another fun surprise is what turned up in the mail yesterday, Jes from oldpartsshop sent us a business card he’s created for oldpartsshop with a picture of our Honda CB900F (With our permission of course).

Now for another bit of news. I”ll be on holiday for two weeks starting tomorrow, but don’t fear, pictures of the Kawasaki Mach IV 750 will be put on the site during the next week so it won’t be two weeks of bike related drought for you :) For now enjoy the pictures of the AS3 seat and oldpartsshop business card.

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That’s right, bikechange, at the moment storage space is limited so all motorcycles can’t be kept here. Therefore the Honda CB900F has been sent off to Yamaha Center for storage and two new bikes brought here! A Kawasaki Mach III 500 and a Kawasaki Mach IV 750. The Mach III was restored by Beezeees so a big thanks to Berne and everyone there!  The Mach IV was restored by Per, another fellow bike enthusiast.

Check out the pictures of the Mach III, it”s a truly remarkable bike. The pictures of the Mach IV will be done in the next few days so keep and eye out for them :)

There are also new build updates for the Red AS1 and the Blue AS2J.

Here are the pictures of the two Kawasakis arriving and the Honda being taken to Yamaha Center:

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Front fork

Now that the AS1 is in pieces the AS2 is back on the workbench! The front fork with its wheel have been fitted to the frame, next up on the schedule is the engine.

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