YCS1 Service Manual

We’ve got a new service manual up at the site, this time for the YCS1. You can find it on the manuals page or by clicking the image below!

YCS1 Service Manual

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Gallery of the sandcast CB750

Wow, that took a lot longer than we expected. Both Ole and I have had a somewhat hectic spring so far and the updates to the site have suffered. The good news it that we have the image gallery of the sandcast 1969 Honda CB750 up on the site now! Go to the museum page or click here to see it!

Honda CB750 Sandcast 1969 01

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YL1 Parts list

We have a new parts list uploaded to the site. This time it’s for the YL1, since we have one in the collection we figured we’d upload the parts list.

As always, you can view it using the link below (or download it for personal use if you right click it), or click through to the Manuals section to view all manuals.

YL1 Parts List

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First of all: happy new year!

We usually have a couple of motorcycles waiting to be put back together and another few waiting to get disassembled so we can start the restoration. Since we disassemble a bike in one go, apart from the engine block, we figured we’d do a video showing it from start to finish.

To do this we set up the camera on a tripod and had it take a picture every 10 seconds. It happened to be an AS2J we disassembled this time but the process and steps are the same for all models. Luckily this bike was in relatively good condition to start with so the disassembly went without any trouble.

Hope you’ll enjoy the video!

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Yamaparts workshop. The elves are hard at work :)

/Joacim and Ole

JLR_4963 JLR_4966
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